Selection of my professional work and training since 2011



L’ENFANT CACHÉ (DE-chant) – Feature film by Nicolas Steil – La monitrice (supporting)
L’ALIENATION DES SENS (FR) — Feature film by Carlo Ferrante & Vera Van Dooren – Victoria Levistkaïa (Supporting)
LOSERS REVOLUTION (FR) — Feature film by Thomas Ancora & Grégory Beghin – Cliente Simon 1 (Supporting)
CALAO (FR) — Short by Dominique Standaert – Mathilde (Supporting)
SWIMMING (NL) — Short by Manoach Beeftink – Vanessa (Supporting)
BAASJE VOOR ALTIJD (NL) — Short by Natalie Giakatis – Valérie (Lead)
JE SUIS UN RENDEZ-VOUS (FR) — Short by Laïss Barkouk, Nikon Film Festival – Alix (Lead)
ALL ABOUT THE TRUTH (FR) — Short by Emre Olcayto – La Marquise de Folbloem (Supporting)
YESTERDAY (DE) — Short by Fred Louradour & Lorenzo Di Ciaccia - Aurélie (Lead)
DEMI-MESURES, (FR) — Short by Mathilde Mazabrard – Sonia (Supporting)
BOXED IN (EN) — Short by Ingrid Hübscher – Sarah (Lead)
UN DIMANCHE SUR DEUX (FR) — Short by Cédric Larcin – Claire
PHOBIA (FR) — Medium length by Michaël Wood – Pauline (Supporting)
BRAINSTORM (FR) — Short by Xavier Zahra – Aurore (Lead)
UN HOMME BIEN (FR) — Short by Steve De Roover – Aurélie (Supporting)


LA BELGIQUE CRIMINELLE, L’AFFAIRE MESTAG – Docufiction by Yassin Serghini, RTBF – Jeanne Asselberghs (Lead)
WHAT THE FAKE by Jérôme Vandewattyne, RTBF – Webophobe (Supporting)


Advertising & institutions: BVN, ePure, Quick Piksyn, Sibelga, GSK, Lipton, Systemat, Annapurna, Monizze, Five Insurance, Solidaris, ING, Wolters Kluwer,... (lead & supporting roles)

TAKE A BREATH – Trailer BRIFF (Brussels International Film Festival) – Asia (Lead apnea / singer-composer / voice over)
FREESTYLE SEXUAL – Videoclip by Girls Next Door – Vamp (Supporting)
LOVELY DAY, web serie by Marlène Wiame - Pauline (Supporting)
TEATIME SHOW, Kitsch British, video clip by Alpha & We – Singer (Lead)


14-18, AND AFTER THAT? (FR-NL), Cie Sandra Proes, Belgique – The upperclass lady (Solo performance alternately)
UNIVERSAL MEMORIES (FR-NL), Cie Sandra Proes, Belvue Museum – The worker (Solo performance alternately)
LA NUIT DES SORCIERES, Cie Sandra Proes, Castle of Jehay – Young Death, The Regret Witch, The Housekeeper, The Dead Soldier (Solo performance)
PRINS 6, een fantastisch omweg naar avontuur (NL), Flabberghast – Carotte Carrée (Supporting)
VIOLENCES CONJUGALES & PARADISE IT (FR/NL), Chambellan Production – Eve (Lead)
A WATCH IN THE TUNNEL (EN), Sylvie Gral, Shaw Theater London – Death (Supporting + violin ambiance)


Radio NN – Christmas radio live with Bert Van Steenberghe – Radio host
Rosa Luxembourg (DE) voice for exhibition: « Guerre & Paix : Spa et l’Europe 1914-1920 », Musée de la ville d'Eaux.
Trailer BRIFF (Brussels International Film Festival)
Trailer BSFF (Brussels Short Film Festival)
Viceland (TV channel Vice Magazine)
Various projects in corporate and advertising
TV campaign for Plan Belgique – French warm voice over
Documentary Les Etangs de Virelles, Le Jardin Extraordinaire, RTBF – Poetic voice over
Documentary Dauphinville, Le Jardin Extraordinaire, RTBF - Voice over interviews


ARCONIC – Solo project – Singer, songwriter
TEATIME SHOW, INNERMOUNTAIN, SPLEEN COLLECTIVE – concerts, studio – Singer, violinist
LES BEAUX JOURS, Short by Cédric Larcin, bande son – Opera singer
Summer TV Shows 2014 of Jardin Extraordinaire, RTBF, bande son, Singer, songwriter
PHOBIA, Medium length by Michaël Wood, bande son - Singer, songwriter


  • L'Acteur au Quotidien 2009-2012 - Actors Studio 2 y Belgium, 1 y Paris
  • Katia Ogorodnikova (Académie des Arts de Minsk, Demain le Printemps, Compagnie Bateau Volant)
  • Brussels Actors - Permanent actors collective
  • On camera training with Philippe Van Leeuw (Insyriated)
  • Emmanuelle Bourcy & Damien Acoca - Les Ateliers Casting
  • Pico Berkowitch - Ateliers Meisner Bruxelles
  • Stéphan Carpiaux - AKDT plateau cinéma
  • Carine Seront - Académie des Arts de la Parole de Saint-Josse
  • Beatriz Flores Silva - Ateliers Casting et Direction d'Acteurs
  • Suzanne Emond - L'acteur au présent (Shakespearian and contemporary theatre)
  • Serge Poncelet - Théâtre Yunqué (Burlesque)
  • Robert Marchand - CBI (Character based improvisation after Mike Leigh's method) - Berlin
  • Jack Waltzer - Intensive Training Actors Studio : Paris, London
  • Ryszard Nieoczym - Total Act of the performer (Voice and movement)
  • Robert Castle - IT New York
  • London Drama School Startek - Intensive Screen Acting Summer 2011
  • Larry Silverberg - True Acting Institute training in Brussels
  • Jango Edwards - Clown Theory Class
  • Carol Fox Prescott - Acting International
  • Flanders Acting Studio - Screen Acting
For voices only, Daphné d’Heur, Cécile Bonardi, Arnaud Dufrasne, Sibel Dincer, Sylvie Storme
  • Studio Art Sonic Evere (Daniel Nicodème et Manuela Servais)
  • Sonicville
Aurore Schottey Picavet