What I am offering you through this website is an open window on my work and a flash of my universe. I am a trained actress mainly by the Actors Studio method in Belgium, Paris and London. In addition to French, I act and sing in English, Dutch, German and even a bit of Spanish. I look forward to discovering your projects and would be happy to meet you for a cup of coffee to talk about it.




Belgique Criminelle – Série RTBF 17/07/2020

You can  discover me as Jeanne Asselberghs alongside my acting partner Lucas Tavernier in this RTBF serie “La Belgique criminelle, l’Affaire Mestag” directed by Yassin Serghini.  An intense and challenging shooting about proletarian history in 1877 and how domestic violence, alcoholism and poverty lead to crime.

Watch this episode : La Belgique Criminelle / Affaire Mestag

Videoclip “A gift for you” 01/07/2020

I gladly played the part of the violinist

in the latest videoclip of Belgian band Mad’M.

Here the youtube link to the song : A Gift for you

Shooting Epure 22/06/2020


Institutional shooting for Epure biofuel.

Standing in a silent field during covid crisis

with a reduced crew felt like a smooth vacation out of time…


Postproduction “L’Aliénation des Sens” 01/06/2020

An independant movie written and directed by Carlo Ferrante and Vera Van Dooren. A very precise and chiselled script. The feature film is now in postproduction. I play the part of Victoria Levitskaïa in it, a very intense and challenging character… on a theater stage ! Wait and see…

Premiere “Losers Revolution” 05/03/2020

A Belgian feature film directed by Thomas Ancora and Grégory Beghin. In this parodic comedy I play the part of a geeky redhead in a geeky location in Brussels, in a nice scene with Belgian fellow actor Clément Manuel.

Production link: https://kwassafilms.com/losers-revolution/

“Calao” release 17/01/2020

A short movie by Dominique Standaert, in which I play the part of Mathilde, a corporate employee.

Picture by Tristan Leroy.

Take a breath – BRIFF 20/06/2019

I had the pleasure to work as an actress (underwater please!), voice over and also singer-composer for the trailer of Brussels International Film Festival (BRIFF), directed by Sébastien Petit. A beautiful way to combine different artistic disciplines. Like a complete showreel of my artistic passions.

Release videoclip “Freestyle Sexual” 08/05/2019

A video clip that came out of the funny imagination of the original music duo Girls Next Door, that already made a buzz in Belgium and elsewhere with their song “Atomium”. I play a vamp in it, lost in danse of a weird exciting group choregraphy.